Advanced Information for Advanced Farming.

Our Mission.

Our Mission is simple. Progressing the future of Agriculture, and providing the tools necessary for our fellow producers to make the tough decisions that face us every season.


We want to help our fellow growers break away from traditional ag retail, and traditional practices. Our growers are doing new and profitable things, and leaving the heavy costs and waste behind. 


We can't control commodity prices, but we can bust your margins wide open, all while farming smarter and more efficient. 


Our Advanced imagery and fertility software allow us to identify bushel loss, save time from crop scouting, justify fertilizer and chemical applications, show huge ROI for fungicide and fertilizer, and conserve inputs with the use of VRT information. 

Advanced Crop Scouting

In your crop lies your profit. However, within your crop also lies profit robbing disease, over and under application rates, pests, etc..


Let our advanced imaging help you identify these crop stresses before they cause significant financial loss!


We use the absolute best equipment and technology available to date, driving real ROI for our family of growers.


Find out what it's all about...

Fertilizer Management Software

We are proud to announce that we now offer a complete fertilizer management software for our family of clients! 


With this software our clients can monitor, plan, and predict their nitrogen needs all the way down to the root zone!


A profit saving must for any in-season nitrogen application with real time VRT prescriptions, as well as historical and pre-season analysis. 


This takes your agronomy program to a whole new level..