Farm Management Software.

Fertilizer Management

We are proud to announce that we now offer a complete fertilizer management software for our family of clients! 


With this software our clients can monitor, plan, and predict their nitrogen needs all the way down to the root zone!


A profit saving must for any in-season nitrogen application with real time VRT prescriptions, as well as historical and pre-season analysis. 


See how growers have been saving $30/acre, and farming their soils with better management practices!

Fungicide Management

We provide our family of growers a very extensive fungicide management program.


We can detect disease before it can be seen on the ground. Our agronomists work with our growers in the proper treatment, and critical growth management stages of their crops. 


We have found some very big returns on investment here!


See how our growers are seeing $35-$120/acre!



Financial Farm Management

We have adopted state of the art financial software with predictive analysis to support and provide data to our family of growers.


It is very important for us as producers to efficiently use our data, but more importantly create opportunities for us to put a dollar and cent to every decision.  This allows our clients to do something significant with their data.


Check out how growers have saved $9-$200/acre in their operations.