Our Services.

Crop Scouting

Working with proprietary software, NDVI, RGB, NIR (Near In-fared), and Red-Edge sensors..


We create aerial zone maps that are geo-referenced for precision prescriptions.


We can identify crop stress before it can be ground scouted to provide corrective action before serious financial loss occurs.


Our family of growers also have access to our Agronomy team, as well as research trials and data.


We want our growers to have every tool necessary!

Aerial Imagery

Using the same fleet of drones and fixed wing UAV's we provide professional imagery for farms, businesses, cities, and everybody in between!


We are proud to announce that we now offer a complete fertilizer management software for our family of clients! 


With this software our clients can monitor, plan, and predict their nitrogen needs all the way down to the root zone!


A profit saving must for any in-season nitrogen application with real time VRT prescriptions, as well as historical and pre-season analysis. 


This takes your agronomy program to a whole new level..